a russian doll

A RUSSIAN DOLL - the pilot 2 x 2 minutes


'A Russian Doll' (6 episodes x 2 minutes) is a bite sized show that charts the rises and falls of Alex, a wannabe actress who can deliver an Oscar winning performance, but only when she zones out into her own fantasy world. On her quest to film her own masterpiece, Alex is assisted by Jess and Boris, a supportive cinematographer with her own dreams of stardom and a jaded musical producer who can teach her hone to skill. Tired of audition rejections, Alex is going to demonstrate her divine gift by recreating scenes from famous movies and plays. At first it looks like a lost cause. But when she retreats into her delusions to avoid computing the reality of her incompetence, her monologue as Juliet is suddenly winning over potential suiters. If she's any chance of making it, Alex will have to balance depth of delusions with her expectations of reality.

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